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Log Playhouse
Log Playhouse - Click to enlarge
Charming 8'x8' log playhouse with porch, operational dormer windows and full-sized adult door in end for easy access. Call for pricing and delivery.
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We've always started with superior forest products!

Godfrey Lumber Company pine logs, siding, paneling and other building materials have long been produced from the finest Eastern White Pine (EWP) for log homes, cabins, cottages, lodges and other log structures. Our pine is grown in the Southern Appalachian Mountain Range of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia where our unique climate, soil composition and long growth season combine to produce pine superior to that found anywhere else on the North American continent.

The timber selected for our log building products has larger spacing between knots, a higher percentage of live red knots versus black encased knots, less bark and pitch seams, fewer bark and pitch pockets and non-existent pine weevil damage. Highly durable, it is second to none for ease of use in construction.

Now, we've engineered logs that eliminate problems!

In addition to our traditional natural pine log products, we are proud to introduce our newest line of engineered logs. Also known as manufactured logs, laminated logs or bonded logs, our solid wood logs both increase structural strength and solve the problems of shrinkage, air and water infiltration, checking and warping. By taking the log apart, kiln drying it and then reassembling it, we've developed logs that provide the warmth and performance of solid wood, reduce the costs of construction and maintenance and reap the benefits of engineered technology.

Builders and contractors can now forget about windows and doors that don't always open properly, checks that eventually require caulking and gaps that develop. Eliminated are the chores of slotting window jambs to allow for movement, spring loading, adding bolting mechanisms to tighten logs and cutting gaps over windows to allow for settling. Our strong engineered logs can truly be classified as "set and forget." Visit our PRODUCTS page to learn more!

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